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Employer Risk Management
Background checks are individual procedures, so the depth and scope of each effort is unique, furnishing precisely the information each employer needs. In most cases, research is left to professionals, contracted by companies looking for information about job applicants and other parties.  Employers utilize checks for their own specific reasons, including the following concerns, held across a wide variety of industries.

Employee Background Check Services



Pre-Employment Screening

Investigate the background of potential employees and verify the accuracy of an applicant's claims as well as discover any possible criminal history, workers compensation claims, or employer sanctions.

People Search

Locate a current address and phone number, reconnect with family and friends.

Tenant Screening

Landlords and Property managers evaluate prospective tenants. Assess the likelihood of a lease fulfillment and care of property.

Asset Location

Ensure you will get paid, satisfy due diligence, collect monies owed

Caretaker Screening

Receive the exceptional care and safety you expect for those you love.

Criminal Check

Learn of felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenders, mug shots, court and probation records

Property History

Comprehensive Property Records report. 

Business Screening

Gain a better understanding of who you do business with. Better decisions are possible through researching the legitimacy and reputation of a business.

Divorce Records

Names, Court Dates, Dispositions

Loss Prevention/Risk Management

 It is becoming increasingly impossible to rely on traditional methods to avoid mistakes and oversights in your hiring process. There is, however, a wealth of information available to assist in solving this crisis.

Court Records

Details on Liens , Judgments, 
Bankruptcies and Fines

Social Network Profiles

Evaluate a candidates professionalism in regard to social conduct.